This website will be a hub for literature loving people, people of the classical world who love words.

We welcome people from around the world, of different cultures, who speak different languages,

all lovers of human thought!

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Daily Updates

Sept 17-4:59pm EST:
Today is the first day in preparation of our fall revival!

My French homework is due today so I won't be able to work too long on the website :/

Fixing some font choices and BOTM; tommorow will work on our linking our social media pages...

Sept 18-9:03pm EST:
Didn't do much today, just scrolled on Pinterest and watched Dr. House :)

Made sure all of our social medias were somewhat up and running, haven't finished setting up linktree yet, will do tommorow...

Sept 19-9:00pm EST:
Read a chapter or so in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, tommorow is my French oral exam!

Linktree is up and running, I will plan on working on adding a jukebox to the website, feel free to add some song suggestions!

Sept 21-1:06pm EST:
I was too tired to do an update yesterday, played some chess over the board, aced my French oral, and had an open house for 45 young children :) (ils sont tres mignon)

I found some MP3 files for the jukebox, will maybe have the code out sometime today or tommorow.

Sept 21-9:31pm EST:
I am so radically congested right now, it's not funny. My French professor let me borrow one of his books; "L'Existentialisme est un Humanisme" by Jean Paul Sartre. I've read a couple of pages and it seems pretty cool (it's in French)

Probably won't have too much time to work on the website, but I'll try tommorow to at least start testing the jukebox idea!

Future Talking Points:

Classical Literature
Western Poetry

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